Using Primary Sources

Readings for this Assignment - Brooks and McPherson articles in packet.

The purpose of this activity will be to find a/more than one primary source document to use in your classroom as you instruct students.

On the evening of September 29, we will begin class at the Cushing Library at 5:30 pm. David Chapman will talk to us a little about the Cushing Archives and then will take us on a tour of the archives - a behind the scene tour. Class will last until 7:00 at Cushing and then we will adjourn to Blocker for the balance of the evening.

Getting Ready

To prepare for the visit, I would like you to identify some items from the Cushing collection that you would like to view on that evening. There are two ways to find the items:

One is to use the Texas Archival Resources Online website and search under the Cushing Library. This will bring up a listing of items in the collection and information about them. This site, the work of a consortium, see the web site for the participants, and might be of value to you as you look at various research topics.

The second is to go to the Cushing Archives by way of the TAMU Libraries page.

Click on About Libraries
Then click on Cushing Library
Then click on Collection in the right hand column
You will see, then, in the left hand frame a listing of the general topics collected by Cushing. Browse through these to see what is there.

Assignment for September 29, 2005 - due by September 26, 2005.

Identify at least one document or a series of documents that you could use in a class in an instructional manner. Send enough information about the document to me and I will forward your message to David Chapman so he can either pull the item before we get there or have identified the process so he can show us.

Course Assignment

For this course, I would like you to prepare a complete lesson using a primary resource document. You may use one from the Cushing Library or one from another source.  You MUST be able to provide a copy of the primary source to your students - prefereably it will be a hard copy although electronic will work.

To complete the assignment, you will give me a hard copy of the primary source and any instructional materials (work sheets, handouts with directions, etc.) you would use with the students, including a grading sheet.

This assignment will be due on October 27 at which time you will demonstrate it electronically for your classmates - thus, you should post the whole assignment (primary document, instructional materials, etc.) to your web site. Theinformation on the web site should be stand alone - meaning that a person could go to the web site and know everything they should know about the assignment by reading the site.

Additonal Resources which may be of use can be found at Archival Resources This page contains information that I used when I taught a primary resource workshop at the George Bush Library.