EDCI 670

Social Studies in Elementary and High School



Assignment Calendar


TrackStar http://trackstar.4teachers.org/trackstar/index.jsp
The Social Studies Center TEKS http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ssc/
Five Paragraph Essay http://cctc2.commnet.edu/grammar/five_par.htm
Electronic Scholar http://www.electronicscholar.com/media.html
Cabell's Directory for Publishing Opportunities http://www.cabells.com/

Chicago Manual of Style
Citation Styles OnLine http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/online/cite6.html
APA Manual Information http://www.lib.usm.edu/research/guides/apa.html
APA Styles - Crib Sheet from Russ Dewey http://www.psywww.com/resource/APA%20Research%20Style%20Crib%20Sheet.htm

Assignments -

ArcView Lesson - Due September 29

Primary Resource Lesson - Part I due September 25, Part II due Octobe 27

Excel For Fun - this page provides links to help you learn to play with Excel.