EDCI 658 - History of Education
Fall 2004

The required textbooks for EDCI 658, History of Education for the Fall 2004 semester are as follows

Gerald Gutek, A History of the Western Educational Experience, 2nd edition, 1994 published by Waveland Press. ISBN 0-881-33818-4

Kas Mazurek, Margret Winzur, and Czeslaw Majorek. Education in a Global Society. A Comparative Perspective, published by Allyn and Bacon in 2000. ISBN 0-205-26752-1

Both of these books have been ordered through the Texas A&M Bookstore. You may purchase them and have them mailed to you if you use a credit card. The bookstore phone number is 979-845-8681. As the books were ordered late, you may want to find them used or on-line.

Both books are also available on the web. Unfortunately, neither one is available as an ebook so you will have to buy the paper versions.

Supplemental Readings are available at this web site. Click here.

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