History of American Education
EDCI 659
Spring 2012
Texas A&M University
College of Education
Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture

Course Description: The social and institutional role of public education in the United States from 1789 to the present; including clarification of the political and economic underpinnings that have worked catalytically to change the structure of public education in terms of philosophy, methods, and curricula. (Texas A&M University, Graduate Catalog, 2007-2008, p. 327)

 Instructor Lynn M. Burlbaw
 Office Harrington Tower 330
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 Class Meeting Web-based
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 Meeting Site Virtual - no face to face meetings
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 Home Phone 979-589-3699
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 Fax 979-845-9663

Required Textbook for Course: Watras, Joseph, A History of American Education. Boston: Pearson Education, 2008.  ISBN: 0-205-47026-2

 This book has been ordered through the MSC bookstore.  However the book is out of print - students may want to look for the book online.

The current course limit has been set to allow cohort students to be enrolled in the course on December 7, 2011.  After that date, some additional enrollments will be made.  If you are interested in taking this course and were not able to register, send Dr. Burlbaw and email - see below - and, based on order of receipt of email, additional student names and UINs will be sent to Kerri on December 8, 2011, for enrollment.


Students should know how to access the TAMU Library databases, such as JSTOR, American Periodical Series, ERIC (EBSCO). The ability to use Google and Google Scholar will not be sufficient for this course.

This course is being taught using Blackboard Vista. To access this course, go to the following url http://elearning.tamu.edu and click on the button labelled TAMU. You will need your NEO ID and your NEO password to access the course.

If you are unable to perform either of these tasks, please contact the Evans Library for the first task and the ITS help desk for the second well before the beginning of the second summer session.


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